Bobo Bird - Wooden Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses can keep the sun's rays from our eyes or shield us from eyes that we don't want to meet. 

Bobo Bird wooden sunglasses are classy, stylish and will keep you looking fly whether you're cruising down the highway or trying to stay incognito. 

It takes up to 3 days to produce each unique handcrafted pair of sunglasses . After the wood goes through the drying process for about half a year, it is ready to be crafted to perfection.


Environmental care and sustainability are always ensured during the creation of our shades for men and women. It is our responsibility to ensure the preservation of our environment during the creation of our products. Our wooden sunglasses combine style, quality, and sustainability, making our products truly one of a kind. All our designer wooden sunglasses are available for sale online.